The beginning of the tradition

The company Enotecnica Pillan, started away back in 1943 by the brothers Alberto and Bortolo, initially as small family workshop, tried already in those years to meet the needs of the agricultural market, which was gradually expanding after the Second World War.


At first, business was aimed at a more restricted local market; with the passing of the years, the growth of the company guided by Raffaele, Lorenzo and Ivo and the introduction of new products has helped the company to enter into the national market.

More than 50
countries around the world

Today the company mainly deals with an international market in the wine-making industry and in the fruit processing, exporting in more than 50 countries worldwide.

“Things well done”

The company, with thehand-crafted tradition “things well done”, has worked since over 80 years in the manufacturing of various models of crushers, destemmers, presses, filters, pumps, bottling lines, mills, water presses, destoners and equipment for cold olive oil extraction. Enotecnica Pillan aims to satisfy the needs of those who cultivate with passion this land-related activity.