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Water Presses

Water Presses


A simple new pressing system working with water pressure.The water press enables to get a very high yield in the extraction of juice from apples, grapes and fruit in general: pressure develops uniformly towards the outer cage throughout its whole lenght.

Entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304, or with painted aluminum base and cover for 20 - 40 - 80 Lt models.



Water Presses Lt. 20-40-80


idro 80 ribaltabile            idro 160          

Water Press Lt. 80-160 with reclinable cart

IDRO 450 400x400

Water Press Lt. 300-450


  Capacity Pressure Cage dimensions



Misurina 20 Lt 4 BAR Ø270x390 mm 540x540x830 mm 15 Kg
Carezza 40 Lt 4 BAR Ø340x480 mm 650x650x980 mm 20 Kg
Garda 80 Lt 3 BAR Ø490x580 mm 700x700x1150 mm 36 Kg
Costanza 160 Lt 3 BAR Ø540x700 mm 900x900x1300 mm 70 Kg
Superior 300 Lt 3 BAR Ø650x920 mm 1050x1050x1650 mm 170 Kg
Vittoria 450 Lt 3 BAR Ø800x920 mm 1250x1250x1800 mm 265 Kg

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