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New logo Enotecnica Pillan

Enotecnica Pillan introduces his new logo, renewed in October 2015.
The new logo reflects the company mission which is the ability to understand the customers' demand, offering traditional but innovative machineries, obtaining in this way a worldwide clients.

The logo has its own story and it has evolved itself in the years. The new one wants to connect the main elements that have characterized each historical logo. Therefore we have been able to create a modern, communicative and recognizable logo, maintaining the past features.




The ellipse, that turns around the company name, symbolizes the world which Enotecnica Pillan directs its attention to. The external poles represent two gears: on the left side, there is a grape bunch, our business focus since the beginning of our trade; on the other side, the right one, there is the Lion of San Marco that symbolizes our venetian origins.