The Peristaltic Pumps are most appropriate for the gentle movement of wine and destemmed grapes, also puree, dregs and other foodstuff. They guarantee a linear pumping,  limited squashing and a complete absence of product heating. The absence of valves assures the passage of solids with extreme facility. The product is in direct contact only with the hose. The hose remains constantly half pressed and loose, allowing the boost of the product.


Advantages and Characteristics:

  • Electronic speed control by inverter. Local and Remote controls [forward/reverse, stop/start, and speed]
  • Self priming till 7 mt. Depth
  • Maximum exercise pressure of 6 bar (on request till 15 bar with vacuum system)
  • Reversible flow
  • There is no need to lubricate the hose. The rubber hose is lubricated during manufacturing and it does not need periodical lubrication
  • The rotating aluminum rollers reduce friction and extend hose life
  • Pressure compensators on both inlet and outlet to avoid the product splash
  • Optional pressure gauge
  • Optional hoppers for must/destemmed grapes. You can choose between the integrated hopper or not
  • Vacuum continuous system to increase the flow rate (optional), particularly indicated for the must.
  • Dual level float for hopper (optional)
  • Alert system hose breaking
  • Sanitization with C.I.P. cycles (clean in place)
Z-PE 30 Z-PE 50 Z-PE 65
Pressure Max 6 Bar Max 6 Bar Max 6 Bar
Pressure 30-150 HL/h 30-150 HL/h 70-250 HL/h
Fittings Ø 35 Ø 55 Ø 65
860x420x920 mm 1150x560x1100 mm 1300x700x1300 mm
Weight Kg 105 Kg 155 Kg 195
Motor Kw 1,5 Kw 3 Kw 4