The Corking Machine CORKER PNEUS allows the closing of bottles with mushroom corks for sparkling wines.

It’s possible to make use of cylindrical natural or silicone corks.

The Corking machine is semi-automatic: pulling the s.steel lever down, the compressed air cylinder is activated and allows the hold of the jaws and the insertion of the cap in the bottle.

The Corking Machine is entirely made of s.steel AISI 304, while the closing jaws are in Teflon.


Height: 1500 mm
Width: 500 mm
Length: 900 mm
Weight: 25 Kg
Natural mushroom corks: Ø30,5 mm – max. height 48 mm
Cylindrical corks: Ø24÷28 mm – max. height 50 mm
Max height: 370 mm
Min. internal diameter bottle neck: Ø17,5 mm
Max. external diameter bottle neck: Ø30 mm
Max. diameter bottle: Ø130 mm