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Fruit mill Mixer

Fruit mill Mixer


Mill, entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304, to crush apples, fruit in general and many other products. Easy working and high productivity are its main characteristics. Available with one or more sieves (screens or riddles).


Available in three versions:

 - MINI MIXER, for a production of 800 Kg/h;

 - MIXER,for a production of 1500 Kg/h

 - MAXI MIXER, for a production ofi 3000 Kg/h


  Mini Mixer Mixer Maxi Mixer
Production 800 Kg/h 1500÷2000 Kg/h 3000 Kg/h
Motor Kw 1,35 Kw 2,1 Kw 2,6 / Kw 4,1
Hopper capacity 30 Lt 60 Lt 100 Lt
Dimensions 600x600x1200 mm 800x800x1350 mm 900x900x1550 mm
Weight Kg 20 Kg 30 Kg 50

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