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Flotation units Crystal

Flotation units Crystal





Flotation allows quick and substantial separation of the yeast and sediments contained in the must , making a clean product ready for fermentation.

Our floating units are small and easily movable near tanks for clarification, and are ideals for small and medium wineries.

There is a substantial optimization of the process for must clarification: the results are economic benefits and quality in the must.

Crystal units are faster than the classical systems of clarification (saving time frigories-carriers).

Preserves the quality of clarified must by reducing contact with the lees (the separation of fast sediments in the must is a benefit for wine perfumes).

Always produces very high yields of clarification (average 95%).

flott Eko 400x400Crystal ECO

 flott Delux 400x400  Crystal DELUX


  Crystal ECO Crystal DELUX
Production Max 120 Hl/h Max 220 Hl/h
Pressure Max 5 BAR  Max 5 BAR
Nitrogen consumption
5/15 Lt/min 15/25 Lt/min
Fittings Ø 50 Ø 50
Dimensions 1280x500x1000 mm 1320x570x1130 mm
Weight Kg 71 Kg 105

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