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Sheet filters 40x40 FC

Sheet filters 40x40 FC


The FC filter is made entirely of stainless steel. It is mounted on wheels and provided with a drip collection tray. The filter unit is closed by centrally located stainless steels screws. The plates (400x400 mm) are made of Polypropylene for alimentary use or in Noryl, Moplen or stailes steel AISI 316. The filter is also provided with pressure gauges, valves and a sight gauge for the liquid.

Available with double filtration kit, stailess steel pump or impeller pump Z70 and/or hydraulic closure.


CF43-inox 400x400

FC 40x40 with stailess steel AISI 316 plates



CF44 T-70 400x400

FC 40x40 with Z70 impeller pump



CF42 TIPO-E 400x400

FC 40x40 with pump PE


 40x40 chiusura idr

FC 40x40 with hydraulic closure



  FC42 FC43 FC44 FC45 FC46 FC48
N. sheets 20 30 40 50 60 80
Sheet dimensions
400x400 mm 400x400 mm 400x400 mm 400x400 mm 400x400 mm 400x400 mm
Filtering surface
3,2 m2 4,8 m2 6,4 m2 8,0 m2 9,6 m2 12,8 m2
Production 2700 Lt/H 4000 Lt/H 5300 Lt/H 6500 Lt/H 8000 Lt/H 10700 Lt/H
Dimensions 1550x700x950 mm 1750x700x950 mm 2050x700x950 mm 2150x700x950 mm 2300x700x950 mm 2800x700x950 mm
Weight Kg 217 Kg 255 Kg 280 Kg 315 Kg 350 Kg 430

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Lt/min al m2



CKP V0 Roughing 790 3,6 620 18
CKP V4 Medium clarifying 1040 3,75 220 15
CKP V8 Clarifying 1050 3,75 160 12
CKP V12 Clarifying 1140 3,75 45 8
CKP V14 Medium polishing 1230 3,75 22 5
CKP V16 Polishing 1260 3,75 16 2
CKP V18 Polishing 1290 3,75 12 1
CKP V20 Medium sterilizing 1320 3,75 8 0,7
CKP V24 Sterilizing 1370 3,75 4 0,5
CKP V28 Sterilizing extra 1400 3,8 <3 0,3



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